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    Has anyone else done this yet.....I activated my Pre 3 with Impostah & US account....and I can switch it between US and Australia profiles with just a simple erase and log into the other profile.
    I can now also do this with my Pre 2. It was activated in Australia and I have just put it on a US account. This was the account that was created with Impostah for US access on the Pre 3.

    It seems that I can now switch between accounts on both phones.
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    I need to give you an update....I worked out that this did work for the Pre 3...probably since I moved the TouchPad to that profile first. However, I realised that I was wrong about the Pre 2. The Pre 2 did get my US profile, but the app catalog was still AU. I got confused since there are now more apps in the AU paid app catalog than there were the last time I looked.
    I am going to experiment with moving the Pre 3 back to the US profile now and see if it reverts. If it doesn't, then it should work by moving the TP over first.
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    Did it work?
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    Yes, moving it back did work. I can move it between my US & AU paid app catalogs as I like. What I do though is move the TouchPad to that profile first & then move the Pre 3.
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    I will get a Pre 3 activated in Germany from a friend and want to help out developers in US, who still need a Pre 3.

    Thus I want to try to move it to a US profile. Does this need to be a profile "generated" on a Touchpad?



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