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    Hello everyone,

    I'm really really desperate on getting the pre 3 and I found the only way for now is from if anyone willing to sign one out for me.

    here is the deal.
    they have a 24 month contract with vodafone of 10.50 per month with cashback of free 12 month.
    I will pay for those who is willing to help me the full 24 month worth of contract ie 252.
    you can use the contract for free and get to claim the 12 month worth of cash of 126.

    how is that for a deal?
    Please PM me if you are interested.

    Thank you
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    They don't do 12m free or cashback with the 24mths @10.50
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    yes I just noticed that myself. Anyway you got to use the contract for free. Will be beneficial esp when you are a student

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