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    i must be a bit slow/thick, only just noticed that when u normally say swipe up to bin a card or shrink an app this is a quickish flick up from the bottom/gesture area, but if you do the same thing, only this time slowly from the gesture area and slowly move ALLLLL the way up, u get a weird wavey/moving launcher bar.

    looks pretty funky/weird but id have to ask what its function is meant to be useful for other than eye candy?

    just a in-app shortcut so u dont have to card your current app?
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    Its a webOS feature since the Pre- days. The wave launcher is there so that you can access your launcher bar from any application without minimizing it.

    Quoting this from the original Precentral review of the pre
    Half-Swipe Up, Launch-wave

    The last gesture you need to know is the half-swipe-up. Like the full swipe, you begin this gesture underneath the screen. Instead of swiping all the way to the top, however, you swipe halfway up to get the 'Launch Wave.' This is a set of your 4 favorite applications (plus a shortcut to the Launcher).

    The Launch-wave is great because it gives you one-touch, immediate access to four of your most important apps without requiring you to delve into the Launcher or Universal Search to find them. It's part of Palm's history of offering one-touch access to their core applications and it works quite well here.
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    awesome, pity i missed out on the early days :| damn u cheap clamshell samsung phones, ill have 2 remember to use that menu more.

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