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    I have had my Pre3 paired with my Bluetooth headset, and couldn't figure out why it was losing that connection till I realized that the headset connection is lost when I connect the Pre3 to my Touchpad. It seems the maximum number of connections via Bluetooth for both my Pre3 and for my Touchpad is 1.

    If I am wrong would love to know, or if there is a way to allow more than one connection...
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    surely the touchpads different, ive had the touchpad paired to both the keyboard and pre3 no problem and at the same time my sisters android phone was paired to the pre3 and sending me pictures to my temp folder on the pre3 (shame i dunno how to send any back).
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    yeah it seems max is 1 connection, if I tell my pre3 to use my headset it stops talking to the TP and vise versa.

    The TP seems to have a limit of 2 connections. If I pair my HP TP KB and my headset to my TP then my Pre3 is unable to connect to the TP until I disconnect one of the other devices.

    A bit more testing I think it may be that the devices have a limit of 1 BT audio device at a time. I am unable to pair my pre3 to my TP along with my headset, which is too bad, would of been nice to be able to (for fun) route phone calls through BT on the TP then routed through BT again on the pre3. Or use the TP to dial the phone and use BT headset with the phone.
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    It's 1 on the Veer as well, but people with a pre2 said that they were connecting to multiple devices simultaneously.

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