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    Yesterday when I tried the skype echo service skype forked on my pre3 but today after doctoring it to build 3171 and installing some patches, i keep getting errors. When I enter my skype account I get "connection failed". anyone else having problems or any idea if this is a patch problem?
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    Well - I am getting the same error as well when i try to log in. My Pre 3 is knew and never been doctored. I installed the messaging patch the other day which may have affected it.

    However, all my skype contacts, their presence and my skype credit shows normally. Additionally i got a friend of mine to call my skype name and my phone rang as normal and indicated that it was a skype call.

    All this is very strange. Essentially i can see my skype information, my contacts and I can clearly be seen and contacted. However, i cannot contact anybody!

    Any ideas?

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