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    So, I received my Pre 3 + Touchpad bundle from I already have a Pre 3 and will be selling the bundled one.

    I told a friend about the deal, and he ordered and received one too. He wants to keep the Touchpad, and sell his Pre 3.

    He's based in Northern Ireland but works in Dublin, so if you're interested you can either collect in Lisburn, Belfast or Dublin, or pay for shipping and Paypal fees.
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    Me first!
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    is it unlocked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zlatan_t View Post
    is it unlocked?
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all UK Pre 3s are unlocked. It's who are bundling it with a Vodafone tarriff, rather than the carrier selling it.
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    I'll take it asap!
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    I'm from the Netherlands & Ill take it.
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    Ok, since the guy who initially expressed interest in my Pre 3 hasn't responded in a few days, it's up for sale also.


    Enquiries by PM please.
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    All transactions should be made through the Marketplace Forum.

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