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    Even in without a sim in devmode shouldn't you be able to access the accounts app and add a skype account from there.

    Also what do you mean AT&T branded Pre3?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soorma View Post
    Hey, I have a AT&T branded Pre3 and I can't find Skype anywhere. I didn't put a SIM in it yet, is that why? I'm running on *#DEVMODE#
    What!? How did you get it? And where can I find one?
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    Lets just keep it at "I have one" Still, there is no Skype option.
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    On the touchpad at least I had to add my skype account to the phone app under accounts in that. Then when I look at my contacts in the phone app it shows people I can call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygewitter View Post
    It's not only in the messaging app, it's also in the normal, general Accounts preferences app, a logical place I'd say
    yes that is true, I just was not expecting that level of integration. Same for LinkedIn, I went hunting for LinkedIn support now that I think about it as well since my Pre- had a separate LinkedIn app. Before the TP the only synergy stuff I had ever used was with MS exchange, so I guess I just wasn't used to it.

    Icons for all of the various services supported on the main screen would be nice - and allow you to delete them or delete them automatically(prompt the user) when the user configures an account.
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