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    Heya as a proud, recently pre3 owning, member I wouldn't mind to help you guys to get to a Pre3 yoruself. Seeing how happy it made me and what an awesome device it is I coudn't bear to see anyone getting denied his dream of a Pre ^^
    So - I live in Germany and I would offer to help. You just have to tell me what to do

    Greets and yaaay Pre3
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    In germany:

    The firesale, everybody knows, the pre3 came for 79.- Eur in Germany, but the HP website was overflow.
    In german forums nearly nobody got one pre3 or veers from HP directly. Seems mostly Tpads from HP.
    Some internet shops, amazon ... were selling the Touchpads cheap.

    The touchstone, BT keypad (nice aluminium) and cover of touchpad was half price from HP shop for a few days!!
    For me: shipping 2 days, everything perfect!

    But our Electronic Megastores (f.e. Media Markt) sold the Touchpad on the fireday for firesale price...
    At the end of the day, no pad was left...

    Everything sold!

    And SUDDENLY (!!) 6. to 7.Sep they got fresh "stuff" !

    No Touchpads, but veers and pre's and for different prices!
    Veer always minimum 99.-
    pre3 for 79.- 99.- 149.-
    Full 2 years warranty!

    I bought 2 pre3's for 89.-...
    and owned already one...
    bought for 349.- from HP shop 15.8.2011 and it was delivered 25.8.2011, the first pre3official in Germany, i think.

    First days 500 - 600.- Euro on ebay!

    And now, 2 days ago, the MediaMarkt offers the pre3 for unbelievable price...
    Now the price was down to 220.- Euro.
    I sold one today for 250.- and the second one i have to keep.
    May bee, they get more down, but i think they go slowely up to 300.-

    I was really happy, to get one of the rare pre3's from HP shop.
    I try to get the refound
    When they refound me, would be grate. If not, is ok...

    Now i have a Pad, full equipped :-)
    a veer and 2 pre3' (second for bad times)

    and i'am happy with that!

    I'am a bad man, selling a pre3 for 250.- Euro today... sorry...

    If you need some help, like translating to germans, let me know.

    How mouch, you have to pay, 550.- Dollar (400 Euro)??

    You may safe 150.- Dollar. And you have a warranty problem!

    I would not do that...

    The veer of my daughter gets no Wlan, has to get repaired. No changing veer from HP. That goes to England for warranty repair.

    Best regards
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    VAT, in this case, I believe, is irrelevant.
    The ebay sales are mostly private VAT doesn't apply.
    And anyway foreigners don't have to pay VAT (they wold pay local sales tax AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK - +$customs$ - $custom$ $is$ $I$ $think$ $10$% $for$ $tech$ $goods$ - $but$ $IANAL$).

    The bigger problem is the weak $. In local currenvy the buying ppower of Euro and $ is very similar. But due to the exchange rate americans pay a lot (~30-40% extra) to buy those Euros.

    Until a couple days ago the very very few Pre3 on were going for 500-650 Euros (and mostly AZERTY and QWERTY from FR and UK).

    But since the Media Markt (similar to Best Buy) firesale the supply of QWERTZ Pre 3 on exploded and now hundreds are in auction at any time since a couple days ago.
    Prices came down to ca 250. Many still go to 300.

    Let's say one can score a Pre 3 for 250 Euros - that is $340 at current exchange rate of roughly 1.36 $/EUR. Plus shipping and whatevery US customs collects.

    And in case of warranty issues you might have to deal with HP in Germany (not sure if US HP would deal with german Pre 3).

    Also - remember Europe is 100% GSM/UMTS. No CDMA. Calling is no problem in US - have done that many times during vacations and roamed on AT&T/T-Mobile. I have never tried data services on US services though (prohibitive roaming costs).

    QWERTZ simply exchanges z and y keys. Very small annoyance one can get used to. I have used american keyboard layouts for programming in the past (bought my first Laptop in NYC ages ago). Or you switch the layout and get used to the "mislabled" keys.

    Language is not a problem - webos on a german Pre can switch to english (amongst several other languages). In fact I switched my german Pre- to english. ;-)
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    okay, if someone can pm me or whatever who's willing to buy a pre3 from german ebay for 250 euro or less plus shipping and paypal difference *if it is in fact 2%* Shipping supposedly not more than 15 euros to us I'll take it. This would approximately work out to 269 euros total with the paypal fees added in. Also, i am pretty sure that if you ship as a "gift" there shouldn't be any customs fees. As I have done that before.
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