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    Hello guys,

    I tried to put my T-Mobile SIM card in my Pre3. After it booted I got the "check SIM - SOS only" window, which tells me, that I have to put the SIM card in my Pre3 before I put my battery back in (what I did).

    The T-Mobile SIM card is a card of the type "N5" and the card is 6 months old.
    I tried a second SIM card from T-Mobile (type N5, 6 months old, too) and the problem was the same.

    After that I found an old card from my previous provider which is a card of the type "N3" (Provider "maXXim", but it's the same network as T-Mobile) and it worked.
    I could activate my phone and make calls with it.

    So my first suspicion is, that the Pre3 has maybe problems with cards of the type "N5", but as I don't know anything about the SIM card specification I don't know if thats true.
    On the other hand I do not believe, that I could call T-Mobile and tell them that I need an old card

    Any ideas what could lead to the problem and what I should do now?

    Any experience with the HP support? Now, after they abandoned the Pre3 I'm fearing, that HP won't be a good help with that problem. Do they even have spare parts?
    Or is this maybe a well known problem? (however I couldn't find any related topic to my problem)

    I would be very happy if someone could help me somehow

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    Try contacting the HP using their Live Chat. They've been quite helpful so far. See here.
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    The problem are the sim cards: some versions do not work properly. just contact t-mobile.

    i had the same problem (n5 card and not recognized). called t-mobile and they sent me a new sim.
    also n5 (i think), but updated version.

    now everything works as expected, yippea

    t-mobile had several issues with that sims, also in other phones. the new version can also be used as a micro sim.

    best regards

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