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    I received my Pre3 4 days ago and plyaing with it. I previouly used some older Plam devices (see signature) and a Centro is still my second phone. I just discovered this wonderful forum.

    In the Pre3, I don't know why, the music player, video player and ringtones lists never get updated now. They keep the contents of 2 days ago and I don't know what I did for that. I could reset the phone at this early stage, but I can control things, this is much better.

    I can play files with the "open" option if the InternalzPro file browser (although these does not run the m3u playlist).

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Palm TC, T3, T5, TX, Treo680, Centro and HP Pre3
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    Having the exact same problem as described above, any ideas?
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    do you have any patches installed on the phone?
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    using internalz navigate to /var/luna/data/

    delete the file titled "filenotify.db"

    Restart the phone. I have this same issue on my pre 2, and on my meta-doctored pre+ don't know why this method works, but it does.

    Seems to be an issue with webOS 2.x where the file indexer does not perform as it should. I have to admit that I am upset the issue is still prevalent in 2.2

    Good luck

    Good luck
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    are you running the muffled logging or similar patches?
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    @wbussing : I will try that thanks.

    @Cantaffordit : Yes I have this patch. Some conflict ?


    Palm TC, T3, T5, TX, Treo680, Centro and HP Pre3
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    Muffled logging Patch is being a bad boy....tons of posts in the TouchPad threads. E-mail attachments not downloading, body text not appearing, dogs and cats living together...
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    OK. Last night I reset my Pre3 and so far I did not reinstalled this one.

    Thanks for the tip !

    Palm TC, T3, T5, TX, Treo680, Centro and HP Pre3
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    Just wanted to say I've tried both suggestions above and still, no dice. Music just will not show up!
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    I can propose a workaround I found :
    I now use FFplayer (found on Preware)
    which sees all files and play by folder.

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    Just change the folder to hidden with internalz (long tap -> information -> hidden). Then revert the change and the media will be indexed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shinebar View Post
    Just change the folder to hidden with internalz ...
    did not work,
    still no music/video

    is there a special folder for the media files?
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    What I did:
    1. connect to computer
    2. select USB mode
    3. open pre3 folder
    4. create folder music
    5. put your mp3 in that folder
    6. disconnect from computer
    7. restart
    After restart I still didn't see any music on pre3, so I connected to pc again and put 1 mp3 file into main pre3 folder. After that all songs appeared in music player.
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    mivoligo's method worked, got my mgs codec ringtone finally. i don't understand why some peeps are having this issue.
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