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    Ok, so having come back to webOS after using Android for a while, I thought I would ask people what mobile web substitutes people have found for certain apps...and which ones don't work very well (and any work arounds you have).

    So, to start, here's my list:

    Gumtree Mobile is quite good:*


    Dropbox is very good:*


    Google Calendar is great, as is Gmail, but a lot of other Google content seems to not render properly (Places comes to mind) Problems with Google Maps are well documented, even with the workaround.

    eBay Mobile does not render properly at all, so I am forced to use the full site. It's a shame, as eBay mobile on Android/iPhone is really very good. Yeah, I know about Salez , it's a great app but you can't do much in the way of seller stuff...and this is a thread about mobile websites.

    SugarSync really doesn't work very well at all...the mobile site doesn't render properly and keeps trying to go to the full site.

    And the BBC news website always defaults to the janky featurephone mobile this case I would prefer the full site as default!

    Anyone else have any recommendations or workarounds?

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    agree with eBay site, its totally naff on the pre 3 :-(
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