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    thats great. back to my veer until the update.
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    Just did my bi-weekly call to HP support... same story, no solution yet, many users experiencing the issue, ... the only new info I got is that it's a Level 3 rep who is "handling" the issue now.

    Next Episode on Oct. 26... What a suspense! ;-)
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    any updates here anyone?
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    i am noticing the state and city with phone number now. State for sure, cant remember if city shows.......But still no name.
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    I had the same problem, I live in Central America so US +1 country doesn't work at all for my contacts.
    The solution I found is to store every contact with it's country code (not hard for me as I do a lot of roaming), and did the following selection.
    Open 'Regional Settings'
    Click on Phone Numbers
    Select - Other
    Reboot the phone

    Good luck
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    I have same issue. Contact names are not showing and it's annoying!
    I've changed regional setting to my country. And still having this issue...
    hope HP fix it soon.
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    I also have this issue, I thought it was a skype problem, because I only use skype for incoming calls. I guess it's a phone problem. I also have one contact that correctly displays the caller ID. others don't
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    this is odd. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
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