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    He's just trying to emulate Nokia with the N9. Take a good OS and kill it by squeezing it out.
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    Maybe HP will build some more like the touchpad? One can only dream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zfrogz View Post
    I've been obsessively checking the tracking for updates. I'm a little worried it will get stuck at customs if the guy didn't fill out the proper forms. Guess we'll see.
    Yeah. Was a little worried about the same thing especially with the low shipping costs. My shipping status this morning says that it "has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

    Yippee again--assuming that is that the box isn't empty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    Don't know about that.

    Supposedly the HP employees who are lucky enough to be approved (by whom???) to get a North American Pre 3 for personal use are also given a stern warning about dire consequences if they try to resell these devices.

    Leo must be doing everything he can do to try to keep Pre 3 hardware out of the hands of the general public in North America. Must be his own version of "How to win friends and influence people - 21st Century style" -

    1 -Make decisions that cause your company's stock price to nose dive 40% lowering its marketcap by $25 billion
    2 -Keep the newest device made by your company sequesterd on one side of the Atlantic ocean and out of the hands of everyone else.
    (Maybe he only wants to win friends in Europe????)
    Suggests to me they are still trying to license webOS to mobile phone makers in the US--and not just keep to printers and enterprise appliances

    I hope they succeed.
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    I got told by a HP employee that they are NOT allowed to sell any products for a certain time limit they purchase through special deals like the firesale and all serials are logged and ebay listings are watched very carefully
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