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    Hi fellow-dutchman. I think we are in the same boat. Bing maps sucks imo, at least when you're in The Netherlands.
    I do also happen to own an HP Veer witch has Google Maps.

    I think I'm going to extract it from the Veer to install it on the Pre3. I'm not axactly certain how, but I think I will manage.
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    Bing is a failure - the public transit info is not nearly as good as Google - any solution yet?
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    Anyone tried NDrive?
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    An extraction of Google Maps works and displays traffic data in France where Bing doesn't. If you have Preware installed, PM me your email address for more info. Distributing code is illegal and thus frowned upon here.

    NDrive is a good traffic solution; it'll even reroute based on delays. I beta test for them, so I don't know the prices, but I believe that traffic is an additional cost.
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    Has anyone figured out how to associate google maps links with the google maps app on a Pre 3? I've got it installed and working fine, but the browser still throws the protocol hissy fit instead of just opening the app.
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    although it is not the actual app I found a map link that works with the pre 3 and uses the GPS. Try Google Maps and save it as a bookmark
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    so go to google and enter "com.palm.apps.googlemaps" WITH the quotes. Then search that whole thread there thoroughly and find the zip to dl.

    Please do link directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djind View Post
    So no way to use Google Maps on Pre3? ..
    Why do you say that when a way was described by Amohazab a few messages above your?

    The mobile Google Maps site BTW even turns out to be better than the old app..
    It didn't even have trouble gttting the GPS location when I just tried.
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    Can someone please send me or upload here the update file for Bing maps? Unfortunately, I live in Cyprus, and I cannot have access to the App Catalog to download it. I have a Palm Pre. I would really appreciate your help.
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