Dear all,

I'm running a PrPrPré $3$ $with$ $the$ $latest$ $update$. $When$ $I$'$m$ $on$ $the$ $phone$ $card$ $I$ $can$ $use$ $both$ $a$ $long$ $hit$ $on$ $the$ &$quot$;$1$&$quot$; $key$ $or$ $the$ $icon$ $at$ $the$ $bottom$ $left$ $of$ $the$ $card$ $to$ $access$ $my$ $voice$ $mail$ ($Orange$ $France$). $I$ $enter$ $the$ $voice$ $mail$ $number$ $in$ $the$ $parameters$.

It runs fine for a couple of hours but after a while, when I try to access to my voice mail (with the 2 different shortcuts), the phone is dialing my own phone number (at the top of the parameters of the phone, and greyed : not possible to change). In order to be alble to access my voice mail I need to reboot and it work...for few hours...

I also saw that I hve no indication of a message on my voice mail.

Did somebody experienced the same issue ? Did you find any solution ?

Best regards