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    We all know that Skype has integrated into Phone call function. But can I do regular Skype things with the new integration? e.g. set offline/away/online status and group chat.

    Anyone tried it yet?
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    You can set your status in the messaging app.
    I don't think you can do a group chat, at least you can't do a group call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by legsim View Post
    You can set your status in the messaging app
    I fail to see how, any clue?
    Was sucked into Palm when I bought the glorious Treo650, somehow subsequent phones didn't live up to expectations.
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    in the messaging app, tap the "buddies" tab and your status us near the top
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    well if someone else starts a groupchat (or even oneself on the same acccount on PC) you can take part in thos groupchat on webos. webos even has it's own groupchat icon for that in messaging.

    i wish i could start groupchats with sms messages and skype.

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