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    I know this is very ridiculous and ugly question, but I expect somebody would help me.

    I realized Korean input patch is not fully working in webos 2.2 after I bought pre3.

    Unfortunately, developer of this patch no longer use webos device, I think, and development is stopped after release for webos 2.0.

    Some people reported that webos 2.1 on veer, they can use his patch without problem,
    so I want to try webos 2.1 on pre3.

    I feel said to downgrade os, but you may understand that native language input is the most important.

    Would you please tell me how can I try os downgrade to 2.1?
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    Downgrading will be next to impossible. However, upgrading the patch to work on webOS 2.2 may be possible. I expect a lot of patches to be easy to port over now that the webOSdoctor has been released for the Pre3.
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    Letheflow, I seriously consider yr suggestion before as there is nearly no patches and apps available, not even for chi input, but I choose to wait.

    Actually,you may try if you like, as the webos doctor for 2.2 has been issued.
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    Thanks for your valuable advise.

    I could wait pre3 to come out to market several month, and there is no reason not to wait little more.

    At least I have pre3 in my hand and I am happy with that.

    Now I'm looking for someone who can re-work old patch, and there are one guy who is working on TP.

    I expect his work will be very helpful for pre3 patch, too.
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    try installing the patch with quick install. I think I doesn't care what os version you have and it just tries to install it.

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