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    The Palm phones integrated perfectly with a CRM program called Maximizer (calendar, Notes, phone numbers, a slick set-up that would sync over USB cable or bluetooth or even email. It meant that could make an appointment on the go and it would be integrated into your office PC schedule, along with all details in their correct places)

    The current version of Maximizer (11) is tweaked to work with Blackberries, but my version (9) from a couple of years ago still works great with the Treo 680. Is there any chance I could get this to work with the Pre3?

    I have a new Pre3 on my desk, just trying to figure out how much I will be able to use it...

    Happy for any suggestions...
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    There used to be a Palm OS emulator that could run all the old apps, I thought it got killed with webOS 2.0 but I also seem to remember someone finding a workaround for it. Let me see if I can find the link. brb.
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    Classic PalmOS Emulator on Sale, PalmOS Apps too | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    [EDIT]: That's the old one. I think there's a homebrew patch or method of making it work again though. Let me see if I can find.
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    Thanks! I am starting to really love this place! :-)
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    But you need to buy a license to run Classic? My understanding is that you get a 7 day trial and no-one can buy a license after that anyway.
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    I don't think you do need a license. They gave all the coding to Palm when Classic was inadvertently disabled in webOS 2.0. It's free game now?
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    I have never seen anyone get this to work without having previously bought the app for the Pre and then getting an authentication from the original supplier to make it work on a Pre 2. Can you provide a link to a success example?
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    Ya, I guess you have to previously have the app, but I'm sure there are ways of getting it. The authentication is a bummer. Random content is on top of it though, he's contacting the appropriate channels to see if it is possible.
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    Not sure how much you want synced but for contacts and calendar try to setup a google account instead of using the palm account. You could then have it sync both ways with Outlook by installing Googles sync programme.
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    There is a application that will sync Maximizer to Outlook, and then I know Outlook can go to Google, then back in the same two step process. It's not ideal, but it is possible. I haven't yet heard back from the developer of this app (the Classic emulator in 2.2) - when I do I will post back here...

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