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    So happy with how my Pre 3 is performing! Going from a Pre Plus with Uberkernel overclocked to 1GHz, this Pre 3 running standard is silky smooth, no lags or stutters like I used to get, and every app opens instantaneously. Even the Messaging app which on my old phone used to really take 4-5 seconds to open (and that was with only using SMS), now I no longer need to leave it open if I suspect I'll get a reply from someone, I just close it and can open it again straight away.

    And even with the faster performance, the battery life seems so much better so far for me, with the same usage as on the Pre Plus it's lasting noticeably longer even though everything happens quicker.

    Can't wait to see what this baby will do when we get a version of UK for it!
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    I REALLY wish I had been able to get one. Now I believe they're pretty much collectors' items.
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    Yeah, I don't know the words to describe how much of a shame if is that HP have discontinued them. I was happy with my Pre+, but everything's so much better on this: the screen (both display and physical surface), the keyboard (better feedback, you can type with more confidence), the build quality (both quality of materials and solidity), the call sound quality.
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    Have to agree just receive my pre 3 excellent phone. Just to add to your list speaker loudness is pretty decent. At least HP said they will continue to develop the software side of web OS (I hope so at least)

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    Agreed it's first Pre device i haven't been itching to RMA after a few days of use.
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    Should have also said, the battery life is much better and that's even with wifi, 3G, bluetooth and GPS on constantly. With my Pre+, I'd have everything I could off unless I needed it and used Mode Switcher with some quite convoluted modes to minimise use of all the radios and stretch the battery out.

    In theory it might be better again if I use Mode Switcher in a similar way, but the way it's looking I don't think I'll bother with the hassle, I'll just leave everything on all the time

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