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    When I turn the volume on my pre3 all the way down (just before its totally mute) I still find it way too loud to enjoy a game with sound without disturbing everyone in the room. Same thing if I listen to music. The lowest setting isn't low enough.
    Is it just me or something all pre's have? Is this something that could be patched?

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    I agree with you, it would be nice to have finer control over the volume. I have to keep my door nearly closed at work because I don't want anyone to hear some of the music I listen to.
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    The TouchVol app might be of some help. I think you could roll down all of the equalizer settings to bring the volume further down. This might also let you achieve finer volume control.
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    Touchvol did fix the issue. I was able to use the slider in Touchvol to obtain finer control over the volume level.

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