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    ok so when i have the 2 paired up all is well, everything works perfectly, however periodically i keep getting a message on both the pre3 and ofc the touchpad as their linked that i have voicemail, when i check i ofc have zero voicemail but it CONSTANTLY tells me i do, i keep checking in paranoia but always get "no new messages".

    Anyone else have something similar? i just used my old Orange SIM and threw it in the pre3, works ok, its just that annoying voicemail notifications driving me nuts, i even went through the orange voicemail service and turned off notifications their end but still the issue continues.

    any help or similar problems, please reply.
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    Odd. Not had that problem, but sounds like a network problem. Do you still get the notifications on your pre3 when you unlink the devices?

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    yup, if its network/orange related then maybe its time for somethign new.

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