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    Hey everyone!

    Like most of you, I am an early Pre owner. I bought mine in fall 2009 and loved it since day one. Also like most of you, I was so looking forward to the Pre 3 after the announcement in february this year. But since things turned out rather different than anybody thought, I'm now sitting here without a chance to get a hold of that beautiful device.

    I tried ordering one from cleverboxes, but unfortunately they wouldn't ship to Switzerland.
    I've been reading a lot in your great board here and seen, that some of you order via CarphoneWarehouse, which seems to be working.

    Now coming to my request. Would there be any kind person from the UK, willing to take a plan from CPW and sending me the Pre 3?

    Of course I will repay you, either in chocolate or in cheese.. Just kidding.

    Thanks in advance guys
    Sincerely, a desperate Swiss

    p.s. just to go sure, will there be any problems activating the Pre 3 in Switzerland, since it was supposed to be sold in the UK?
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    I'll sell you my Pre 3, PM me your details
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    Is there no kind lad from the UK to be found to help me?

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