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    My 199 Pre3 order with cleverboxes was cancelled because of an issue with an unconfirmed paypal address - should have paid by credit card! Gutted.

    However, if the below goes through ok it will have worked out rather well!

    I've now gone onto carphonewarehouse and ordered the cheapest vodafone contract with free pre3 @ 10.50 / mth for 24 mths (252 in total) - it's still in stock. I have a 50 cashback voucher (via work), so in total it comes to just 202!

    Because I'm paying monthly (essentially 0% interest over 24mths!) the 300 I had set aside for the pre is now available to spend, so now I can get a touchpad too

    On top of that I'll keep my current o2 contract which is due for an upgrade in November (my pre- didn't last the full 24ths before it died) and use that on the pre3 (knowing vodafone I'll need to get it unlocked). I'll get them to send me the new iphone 5 when it comes out which I could probably easily sell for 450+ (profiteering just like everyone else has done to me with the firesale pre and touchpads on ebay).

    There ya go, a Pre3 and Touchpad for free (excluding the monthly cost of my current o2 contract of course). From being on holiday and missing out on the phone and touchpad firesales to this - I'm now a very happy man!

    Touch wood, the order goes through ok!
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    Carphone warehouse generally don't lock phones to a carrier.
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    FYI - Had cleverboxes call me back to say they now had one available - if anyone is looking a Pre3 they may be worth a call.
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    I'm in the same position, and pre3 from e2save (part of carphone warehouse) is definitiley unlocked.

    Hadn't though of the iphone5 idea but may well go for that !

    Thanks for the idea.

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