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    Hi everyone,

    Did anyone else place an order for a Qwerty or Azerty Pre 3 through expansys USA? I've heard that they're having trouble getting the stock from their French subsidiary, and my order just says "We are currently awaiting the stock required to fulfil(sic) your order." Has anyone else actually got their order shipped?
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    same boat as you; i put the order for an azerty pre 3through expansys japan and am waiting for "stock from france", but the chance of getting one through them now is almost non-existent.
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    I put the order through because I couldn't find it on their U.S. site (AZERTY unfortunately). They contacted me saying that they didn't receive the stock they requested from but hope to receive it in the coming days.
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    My order status just changed from "Discontinued" to "Out of Stock". Anyone else have an unexplained update?

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    I went through .Fr but spoke with someone through their U.S. Office and they put it through. It first told me 'ships in 5 days' then they told me the French supplier didn't get them the stock and it went to 'awaiting stock'. After 2 days it went to 'ships in 8 days' and then read discontinued. I have given up on them.
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    Mine went through the exact same cycle, but for some reason the status just went back to 5-10 days.
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    It's worth noting that my status changed yet again. It has gone from "Out of Stock, usually ships in 5-10 days" to "Usually ships in 5 days". Apparently Expansys USA has managed to acquire some stock. Or an employee with access to the inventory system is evil.

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