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    Hi all, have been lucky to secure a Touchpad and have everything setup for my wife to use with Facebook etc., including the Facebook contacts and webOS contacts. Things went so well I got a Pre3 for her as well but the sync between the two devices seems to be quite difficult,

    Main problem is for contacts - it is possible to add phone numbers to Facebook contacts and to also add new contacts outside of Facebook (webOS account) but when I try to sync all I get are the Facebook contacts on the Pre3 (minus phone numbers) and zero of the WebOS account contacts transfers.

    Any idea what is going wrong here - it was all going so well!

    Thanks, Mike
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    well... I have the exact same issue. I need to sync my webOS contacts between my pre3 and touchpad. They are on the same webOS account.

    Unfortunately for me I can't move to exchange since I use Linux and exchange and Linux are mortal enemies... Or so it seems. Any suggestions?
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    I'm using Google for my contacts on my TouchPad, here's hoping I don't have the problem when my Pre 3 arrives.
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    If you want instant sync between TP and Pre 3 you should use 3rd party cloud solution like Gmail. That's the easiest way. Once everything is synced with Gmail, you should be okay.
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    I've been using google contacts and it's been pretty near flawless. I use the same google account of 3 phones and one tablet at the same time and it synchs fine.
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    Hello everyone,

    I also have a Touchpad and a Pre3. I am trying to get all of my contacts onto my Pre3.

    The problem I have is that when I activated my Pre3, something made my phone freak out when I tried to sign into my profile (I was upgrading from a patched Sprint FrankenPre+ to an ATT Pre3). The end result was me not being able to get the Pre3 onto that old profile, so I just created a new one. The bummer is leaving all my apps and contacts on the old phone. Once I got my gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts set up, I was able to restore about 75% of my contact list. What got left behind were all the phone numbers that were dumped onto my phone from the previous phone by the Sprint rep when they set up my Pre for the first time.

    My Touchpad, on the other hand, synced just fine. So I have my Touchpad, with 100% of my contacts, assigned to Profile1, and I have my Pre3, with 75% of my contacts, on Profile2.

    I figure I have a couple options
    Brute Force: Sit there with both devices for a few hours until everything is manually moved over.

    Fix my Profile: Would I have to talk to an HP webOS rep or something so they can fix whatever is wrong with my profile? Then I would doctor my phone and load up the old profile.

    Bluetooth magic: I've been hearing a lot about this awesome Touch-to-Share technology, and aside from hearing my text message notifications from two devices at the same time, I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed. I would be really excited if there was a way to blast all my contacts from my Touchpad over to my Pre3.

    What does everyone think?
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