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    After two years with my heavily patch customised pre- (which I loved till it started randomly rebooting) I let my heart rule my head and didn't get a Samung Galaxy S2 (I love webos but am so unsure what's going to happen with apps etc) but a pre 3.

    I have seven days to return it if I want. Screen is great, hardware feels good BUT my big concern is patches.

    I know Rob, Jason and crew are amazing but I am concerned that there is only 1 patch available. Is there any reason why patches won't come to the pre 3 ? I mean any system wide problem that will stop patches for the pre 3?

    Basically without ubercalendar and some of the top line patches (battery as percent, date etc) I'm not sure I want to keep it.

    I only have 7 days to decide so want to ask now without wanting to pressurise individuals, just to get a feel if patches shoudl be coming or is there a reason why they won't be able to ?

    I would be happy to try Impostah as I am pretty technical but I don't know if that will help ?

    Thanks for any help at all !
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    All of my many patches will be ported to the Pre3. And I suspect it won't take long to others in the community to port theirs. However, the reason why there's only 1 patch on the feed right now (for webOS 2.2) is because the Pre3 webOSDoctor is not yet released. Once it is, expect the patches to show up quick
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    Once all the homebrew devs and WOSI guys get their Pre 3s and the doctor is released, I'm sure we'll see a lot of nice patches, including all the tried & true old ones - so, keep your Pre 3!
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    As ever, what a great set of people are part of webos. I've always found the level of support simply amazing.

    Many thanks for the help, it is very re-assuring.

    Is there any way I can help ? Happy to test or help in other practical ways.

    If I had the money I would but pre3 for you !
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    Somehow I managed to get patches working on my Pre 3 (not all of them mind, conspicuous by its absence was slide to answer/hang up...but most of my preferred ones were there.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (my technical knowledge isn't amazing on this) but I was under the impression that it was device profile overide that did it. Unless somehow my Pre3 managed to spontaneously accept I said, maybe someone more knowledgeable could tell me what I did. At one point I saw the over 1000 patches/apps available in Prepare. They weren't all that stable though; the battery percentage icon for instance would appear and disappear intermittently (the gap for the percentage was always there).

    Anyway, I'm an ***** because this morning I decided to see if there were any software updates and didn't run the emergency patch saver. Turns out there was an update and without thinking I stupidly installed it...and now none of my patches are there anymore :-(

    I'm off home now to see if I can reinstall Prepare and do the same as last time.

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