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    Had my pre3 sitting off the charger since late afternoon. It was down to 60% ish, consistent with the reasonably heavy use it was getting. I'd just had to 'hard reboot' (i.e. Take battery out since it crashed) twice due to unresponsive app. It sat there fine for 10 mins (batt at 60 odd, screen locked and on standby) then suddenly battery dropped to 0.

    I switched it off and reseated the batt twice, but then it wouldn't boot (battery low icon), so its charging now and up to 14%.

    What happened? Has anyone had this on a pre or similar?

    EDIT: one thing does occur to me. Today I turned off 'wifi sleep on screen lock' and the phone does have trouble with reception by my bed. So it could've been constantly searching for signal... And it might have been 20 to 30 mins. But even then, 60% in half an hour? It is charging back up nice and linearly.

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    I just woke up and took my Pre 3 off the touchstone, and it was at 60%

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