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    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to start a thread where can find out how many people here on the Forum actually own a Pre3. I was lucky to snatch one on - using it now in Germany.
    I am a "day one user" - came from Pre- to Pre3.

    All the best!
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    yea well i got mine on a vodafone contract £10.50 per month

    Oh yea and i am loving my touchpad too overclocked to 1.7ghz both cores
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    Mine is on its way. Tracking says its in Manila, so once it clears customs I should be holding it today or latest tomorrow. Still using my Pre- and waiting for my touchpad to be delivered by HP.
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    I definitely feel lucky. Got mine right before it ran out of stock everywhere, and the prices got jacked up.

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    I guess you could say I own one, I paid for it, expecting a tracking# tomorrow, coming from Greece. I assume it's legit(bought from an individual) but will take a week or so until it's in my hands..
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    Got mine on Tuesday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadeer View Post
    Hello everybody,
    How many Pre3 do we own?
    Not enough!
    HP, another round for everyone please. At the happy hour price of course!

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    I have one, I don't feel "lucky" though
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    i feel very lucky
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    Mine is on it's way.
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    I got one too, from, arrived in less than 24 hours from on-line ordering to London.
    I feel somewhat lucky to have managed to secure lucky I don't know yet - I haven't opened the box yet.
    I enjoy a lot already an unlocked HP Veer, so I have a feeling I won't be dissappointed.
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    Me too from, ordered from Spain on friday afternoon, got here by tuesday morning!
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    Yep, I got my Pre3 on Friday and it's great. With a bit of luck it will give me 2-3 years of service by which time the whole WebOS issue will be resolved one way or another.

    Screen protectors arrived today so that's my next job...
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    proud owner since yesterday. Incredible device.
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    since Yesterday 31st of August, 23rd August order got confirmed then cancelled by Eurostore Palm but snatched one just in time from
    Using it alongside Nokia N900, hence my interest in orphaned multitasking pocket-able Linux devices
    Will try to post my subjective comparative experience after a couple of days of getting used to Pre3
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    Got mine from on tuesday the 23.08 - last week. Have another one in the mail from via - as a backup. :-)

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