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    Got two - one for myself and one for my son. My wife, who was very anti-AT&T looked at it, play a bit, and then asked: so, when do I get one? So - looks like hello AT&T - good-bye Sprint for this 3 Pre 3 family
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    A three pre3 family... Awesome!

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    got mine today. Loving it. Very well made. I'm impressed.
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    +1. Just arrived 3 days ago from german ^_^

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    AT&T Pre3 just came in yesterday from eBay and I couldn't be more pleased. This thing is amazing. Doing some off-the-cuff Twitter reviews every now and then with the #Pre3 hashtag. Can't believe 220+ PC members are owners already!
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    Mine should be arriving tomorrow.
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    Just purchased an at&t 16GB Pre3, prices have dropped down and curiosity got the better of me. I'll try it month to month and see if I can handle at&t. Just got to wait for it to be delivered.
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    I have the at&t pre 3. Had it for about a week. Its a great phone.
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    Added my vote, but it's still actually in-transit. Was just too excited
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    Have a UK and AT&T Pre3. Love em!

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    ATT Pre 3 on it's way! Good upgrade from my Sprint 2.1 Pre+.
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    +1 AT&T......just waiting for it to arrive downunder.
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    don't forget me! Mine just came in today. I'm in love all over again.
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    +1 UK Pre 3 (coming from Pre 2) sim free handset from on 17th August.

    (HP have e-mailled me to confirm I should get a partial credit back as activated pre [no pun intended] cut-off)
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    Myself and my boss both have company Pre3's
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    Mine is on its way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadeer View Post
    I was lucky to snatch one on - using it now in Germany.
    I am a "day one user" - came from Pre- to Pre3.
    Exactly the same here.
    Imported a Pre3 from to Germany, had a Pre- previously which I bought the 1st day it was available two years ago.
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    +1 QWERTY UK Pre 3 from eBay to Spain
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    +2 I bought a UK Pre3 8GB, then saw the 16Gb AT&T on eBay and couldn't help myself. Both work well on Optus in Australia, although the EU model probably has better coverage in regional areas.
    So we are now a 4 Pre family, as I pass the older models down the line ! Pre- getting old, but still works, fights breaking out over Pre2 & EU-Pre3 !

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