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    +2 webOS user @NL

    I've got 2 imported Pre3's from the UK bought at Home
    That's also the store where my Pre, Pre2 and TouchPad came from ;-)
  2. ridmaur's Avatar
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    Still not sure whether it will definitely replace my iPhone. I so much like webOS better than iOS, but the iPhone hardware is superior to the Pre 3.
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    +1 @ Belgium.
    a roller with a palm pre...
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    I have one (azerty) from
    It's the best phone I've ever touched, hands down! And I've touched a lot of phones, I assure you! From Pre- to Pre3, the distance is in light years scale...
  5. acra's Avatar
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    Got on thru Vodafone, so that competes the set, pre- in bits, daughter pre+, son destruction testing pre2, seems to be fine after going thru the washing machine less than 2 hours after ripping it from my fingers. Dried out and fine,:0
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    +1 AZERTY Greece
  7. Andreas's Avatar
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    Just picked mine up.

    First impression, its rather big compared to my Pre. Second impression, its well balanced while holding and typing. Keyboard is back to Treo size and feels great.
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    +1. just snatched one at coming from pre-. that's crazy that i bought one.
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    +1 AZERTY got it from the Palm Store Europe
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    My ebay ATT phone was scheduled for delivery tomorrow, but it arrived today. So far, its great! But my grooveshark isn't in the app catalog for 2.2! So far, thats the worst i can say. Thank you backup/restore for my data.
    Jim Altman
    Palm III ->Treos 600->650->750->Pro->Pre Plus->Pre 2->Pre3+TouchPad
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    I received mine today too, did your text messages and call log show up on your pre 3 when you logged into your profile? Also I cant believe how big the pre 3 is compared to my pre - and pre 2.
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    Got one AZERTY version from Palm Store Europe. Long live webOS: it's so intuitive.
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    +1 I got one QWERTZ version from Germany.

    Right now I'm a bit lost but I hope that in a few days I'll find whar I'm looking for, in this forum ... of course.
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    +1 for Germany =) Directly from HP Webshop, so lucky =)
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    Any new owners that haven't filled out the survey above? It definitely sounds like there are more than the reported 206 users of the phone on the forum...
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    I'm waiting for mine...

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    Just got mine in the mail. AT&T Pre3 16GB. Phone is currently installing all my apps.

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    2 Pre's! UK and AT&T.
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    +1 AT&T Pre 3 heading to NYC as I type this.
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    I just received my AT&T Pre 3 today...have been using webOS since the Pre-
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