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    +10, i think, but 7 of them are broke. :-S
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Zyphal View Post
    Not sure who you're asking, but I got mine on eBay. The guy had 6 of them, new in the box, and he only wanted $34 each. I was skeptical so I only bought two, wish I had got them all. I assume/hope some other lucky user here got the rest, because he wasn't exaggerating, and they work great on Verizon after doctoring to 2.2.4
    if ever are u willing to sell yours? i am looking to buy this phone for like a long time just because i wanna try webos the only operating system i havent yet tried on phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harpee View Post
    if ever are u willing to sell yours?
    I'll keep you in mind, but as long as everyone here helps me keep it running, this will be my phone.
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    I have 4 Pre 3, 3 Hp Touchpad 4G and 1 Touchpad 64 GB and i Like it. If you search Webos you can find it here
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    I own a Sprint Pre but it's not in use. I sadly migrated first to a Blackberry Q10, and then to a iPhone 7 Plus after Blackberry went Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purplepansy View Post
    I own a Sprint Pre
    I don't mean to sound picky, but this thread was asking how many Pre 3's we own ... I don't believe a Sprint Pre 3 ever existed ... I could be wrong though.
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    Technically, no, but there was a prototype or two ( Verizon Pre3s with the MEID added to Sprint's database, and probably some software tweaks), and I've been dying to get my hands on one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Verizon Pre3s with the MEID added to Sprint's database
    Ooooo, that would be nice. As I pointed out in my other thread, I have no Verizon signal where I live, but according to some of my neighbors, Sprint works pretty well. Plus, I'm tired of Verizon screwing me every time I turn around.
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    +1, from ebay
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    If you'd like a Pre3 in excellent condition with loads of goodies.
    Willing to post.
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    I want to, But I dont have money
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