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    Doctoring should definitely help you with this, because it sounds like your machine is getting "gunked up". That's what i eventually had to do with my Touchpad. I put it off for months and put up with broken functionality, until one evening the Touchpad became stuck at the HP logo and none of the old tricks could bring it out of that state.

    No matter how much we'd wish it wasn't so, webOS has the tendency to build up "crud" that breaks features one by one, until a device is non-functional. Worse yet, as i tried to fix each of those things, there were few quality error messages, mostly chatter in the logs, and it dawned on me that a clean install is inevitable, unless i built a tool to scan the system files for changes and i didn't have the time.

    Sometimes, corrupted system config files get synced up to the Profile, but rather than switching to a new Profile after Doctoring, you can log in and let the Profile-restore process download the bad ones, and then use WOSQI to send the "factory fresh" copies of those files, extracted out of the Doctor. I know that Luna.conf is one of those files, and will try to identify the rest
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    I had the same issue on my Pre 3 last Thursday. I was sent a code via SMS and had it sent twice with out it showing up. Finally, rebooted and about 10 different texts from throughout the day appeared. I figured it was a onetime glitch and it hasn't happened again, to my knowledge. PRE 3 on ATT.
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    Still using mine as a second phone , got it online here in Europe still works perfect.
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    I'm using my Pre3 since firesale. There is nothing I missed. Main thing is a Exchange account connected with my own Zarafa Communuty Edition (z-puch) server. Synergy rules I't runs stable alle the Time. No contacts, tasks, appoitment and mail can get lost. All the stuff ist synced with my Pre3, my TouchPad nd my PC.

    Then i have another Pre3 for spare part. And I allways look on eBay for broken devices to have spare parts to use my Pre3 as long as i could .

    Then, there is a Veer, 2 Pixi+ and a Pre+ (running 2.1.0)

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    Daniel from Kranichfeld, Thüringen, Germay, Old Europe
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    I've had my Pre 3 for a couple of years, and it's still going pretty strong. It's an AT&T GSM Pre 3 that I unlocked with some help from the internet, and it's been great at T-Mobile.

    I love the slider form factor (I also had a Tungsten T3 and original Pre) and the keyboard. "Just Type" search as a default navigation metaphor is brilliant; I don't understand why Google doesn't do things this way. You'd think they would understand search. The cards are also very elegant -- Apple's got only a pale imitation on the iPhone. Exchange sync works perfectly.

    Of course, there are frustrations. Wi-Fi doesn't really work properly. I lost connectivity to my personal e-mail hosting company after some upgrade they did after Heartbleed, and haven't been able to sort that out. Google calendar gave sporadic errors, and then finally quit working a few weeks ago... I was thinking it was the death knell for the phone but I'm happy to see that there's a patch out for Google's new API. I also need to get on the stick and start doing backups now that HP has dropped the cloud services.

    It's been a good ride but it would be nice to have an awesome camera, touch ID, apple pay... but I will hate to lose my keyboard. I also don't want a big phone, and that seems to be the only thing they are selling right now.

    Good luck all.
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    I bought my Pre3 on ebay in August 2011 and I am still using it as my only phone.

    Love webOS

    Palm Tungsten, Treo 600, Pre, Pre3, Touchpad 16Gb, Touchpad 32Gb
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    1 AT&T Pre 3 and 1 Verizon Pre 3
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    This thread way pre-dates me finally getting a Pre3. Now I own three - two unlocked ATT and one Verizon.
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    i have one At&T
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    I have 3. One has a broken screen One as my daily phone and one in a box waiting I case...

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    hola: tengo uno, anda muy bien y lo uso a diario para mi trabajo, tengo un LG con android para uso personal. pero es mucho mas practico el Pre3 con WebOs, lastima la falta de aplicaciones.
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    Got me Pre3 last week off of Ebay. From the pictures I thought I was just getting the phone, but they sent the phone, original box and power supply. At the price I got it for I didn't care or think it would boot, but it works fine and is minty fresh. Now I don't know if I want to switch from my new Q10 to the Pre3. (pound sign) First world problems.
    Pilot 1000 w/5000 upgrade > Palm Pilot Pro w/2meg hand soldered ram > M130 > TX > VZPre+ oc1ghz webOS 2.1 +classic +flash +2.2.4 Bluetooth > VZPre 2 oc 1.2ghz webOS 2.2.4 (Super Verizon) > TouchPad 32gb LunaCE w/cyanogen dual boot > Motorola Bionic ( What the hell was I thinking?)the Bionic sucked > VZPre 2 oc 1.2ghz webOS 2.2.4 (Super Verizon) > BlackBerry Q10 > HP VZPre 3 > Galaxy S7 edge
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    I switched to a Pre3 last year from a Veer. I'm on Telus, in Canada. The Veer, I think, was likely to be the best phone I've ever had, or am likely to again. Or, at least, it was 90% of the time. For that other 10%, it was, for reasons of size, utterly useless. Hence, the switch. Yes, I'd like the Pre3 to be a bit thinner, and, yes, to have a more functional back-end for the e-mail application, and, y'know, a modern browser. But the messaging system is perfectly fine (with the requisite patches), the operating system is astonishingly good, and 3.6" screen is pretty much perfect for a phone, and the gesture area is bloody brilliant. I don't stick with it because I love it. It's got way too many problems for that to be true. I stick with it because, after all these years, no one has yet managed to make an all-around better phone. In that sense, I guess I can admit, it's a pretty extraordinary piece of work.

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    I keep my pre 3 in mint condition and never take it out the house (to avoid damaging it) lol still I think its the best device ever!
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    Got one for several years as my everyday phone. Its starting to work so-and-so (volume-buttons don't work, "hangs" every now and then, Quick-install doesn't recognize the phone (Win7))

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    2 devices in da house, still using both of them
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    I think I'm up to 5 of them, but one has a bad LCD, and my current one is double-typing pretty bad.

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    Bought mine from in what appeared as new condition as an AT&T model

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