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    Pre3 in Australia
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    One UK unlocked, one unlocked AT&T...

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    I just got one unlocked AT&T.

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    I bought my VZW HP Pre 3 off eBay in mid-May 2013.

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    I got my VZW Pre 3 off eBay in august last year
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up
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    Got mine sometime last year from a forum member. Unlocked AT&T model. Love it.

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    I want to suggest:

    Why don't we "troll" (been doing it for a while now) @LGUSAMobile account telling them how NOT COOL their devices are, no matter how curved or nice they look.

    Why wouldn't they take a look to LG Smart TVs loaded with webOS?! I mean, they are noticing how webOS is differenciatig from the rest! Even Samsung smarttvs are being left behind, thanks to webOS!!!

    So, come on, lets go guys... Lets make them understand...

    What do you think?
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    got 2 Verizon versions ( one of which is a prototype ) and both are starting to have issues one keeps powering off randomly and the other one I think is having the screen going out because its unresponsive . Soooo with that I'm going to get a couple more unlocked ATT versions since in the KSA its all GSM anyways
    Oh ! and I want to get an LG WebOS TV but they have no clue here what I'm even talking about lol
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    One unlocked used with Vodafone (Germany) one unlocked brand new just opened to charge the battery. Both with german keyboard.
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    I have one and 3 Veers. If anyone wants more ATT pre3s there is a listing on ebay for 139.99 at HP Palm Pre 3 4G Webos at T Smartphone Unlocked Black 16GB 3 58" QWERTY GPS 886111382439 | eBay
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    Hi i have three pre 3 phones UK version bought last year when very cheap, each one included
    HP accessories. car charger/ Touchpad world charging set and wireless charging units,
    batteries never found any for sale until a friend found some in Hong Kong at 10 GBP,
    also still using Touchpad daily ( have two 32 G B ) not found any thing to replace them yet,
    would i buy a HP tablet/ phone ? never !
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    - AT&T 16 GB - daily driver
    - German 8GB - prev. daily driver, now backup
    - UK 8GB - backup
    - German 8GB dead - my first Pre3, now QHUSB-DLOAD mode :-((((((
    My wife:
    - German 8GB - daily driver
    My friends (who are not registered here, so I report them too)
    - 2xGerman 8GB - daily driver
    - 2xGerman 8GB - backup

    all unlocked.
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    Got mine before Christmas (2013) from an UK seller off eBay.

    Brand new, unlocked.

    Absolutely love it, now my Pre2 seems so small.

    The good: the larger size, the faster response, etc. The ability to play some of the HD games. Much better camera.

    The bad: the antennas seems to not be as good as the Pre2, it doesn't connect as well with Bluetooth devices like the Pre2 did, and WIFI does disconnect more often (both BT and WIFI have to be turned off then back on to connect correctly). Many Apps needs to be modified/patched to work, while others for the Pre2 or Touchpad aren't compatible at all. Also of note... spare batteries, not an easy one to get... the one I did get was fine but ended up with the blistering effect, to the point that the TouchStone contacts weren't touching correctly so it wouldn't charge right. Back to the original battery awaiting 2 replacements, hopefully that will last longer than the first one (4 months). But as they are 10$, they'll still extend the life of my phone (and the original battery).

    One thing I was baffled with was the memory, going from a 16GB Pre2 to a 8GB Pre3, couldn't find or get a 16GB. I don't get why they didn't move towards a 16GB and larger 32GB model instead as it WAS the next generation... why downgrade..? At least it should have had a SD card slot.
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    I see a pattern...
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    Still not sure whether it will definitely replace my iPhone. I so much like webOS better than iOS, but the iPhone hardware is superior to the Pre 3.
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    Bought mine on eBay in 2012. EU Pre3 from a Denmark seller with a qwerty keyboard. I'm on Speakout wireless in Canada. Still love it. I switch back and forth with my Blackberry Bold 9900.
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    Two unlocked azerty Pre 3's bought during firesales in France. One - daily driver, second one - backup.
    One azerty Pre 2 - backup.
    One Touchpad 32 GB.

    Oh, and I forget my Treo's 650 and 680 ;-)!

    Good luck to everybody!

    Long live webOS!
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    por suerte, tengo un pre3 y una tablet touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baikalien View Post
    Long live webOS!
    I own two Pre3, just in case one breaks down, but I think we should be realistic, webOS is dying, plenty of bugs no one cares for anymore, and there's obviously now a very serious lack of apps available compared to other phones on the market, and if one (like me) is using the Pre3 as a MAIN phone things don't look bright. Are you all using it as a second phone? What's your main one and why?
    Was sucked into Palm when I bought the glorious Treo650, somehow subsequent phones didn't live up to expectations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pjfercue View Post
    por suerte, tengo un pre3 y una tablet touchpad.
    Where are you from? Where did you get the pre3? Greetings.
    Por favor llevó tiempo queriendo conseguir un pre3.

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    I'm a late adopter, but my AT&T Pre 3 is the best smartphone I've ever had.

    LG Venus -> Palm Prē Plus -> Apple iPhone 5 -> HP Veer -> HP Prē 3 -> HTC One (M8)
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