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    I just got my VZW version in the mail yesterday. I got it on eBay from a former HP employee.

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    I now have two vzw pre3's. One main and a backup!
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    I have now bought three AT&T unlocked Pre3's. Two for me and one for my wife.
    HP Pre 3 16GB AT&T
    HP Touchpad 32GB
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    I now have 3 Pre 3s, 2 at&t pre 3s and 1 UK qwerty Pre 3. I was purchasing a backup and mistakenly bid on the UK model. It comes with an unlock code and is still sealed in the box and if anyone is interested in it PM me
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    I've got 3 VZW Pre 3s (oops too many auctions at once) still deciding whether to keep a backup or not, then just need time to sell the extra 1 or 2, probably after the semester is over!
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    Got my AT&T pre3 off ebay for $219 last week. Installed my GoPhone sim and it's plug-n-play. 500 MB @ $25 is more than I need/month and it rolls over. Works *SO* much better than my pre- on Sprint. Will probably dump my Sprint SERO account and save some $$...
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    just one
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    AZERTY Pre 3 on Orange and unlocked AT&T 16gb Pre 3 on France's SFR network, plus a AT&T Veer, for Xmas, thanks to atothet!
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    +1 Pre3 - AT&T carrier
    Treo 650>Pre3
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    Soon to be AT&T Pre 3 on tmobile network next week.

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    One activated at&t Pre 3 and another bnib at&t Pre 3 stored in my closet as insurance.
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    Got a total of 5 (ATT)+1(Verizon) Pre 3s, sold 2 AT&T, using one AT&T(for Tmobile). Planning to gift one AT&T and sell the rest... :-) So far I am very happy with My Pre 3 (using one Pre 3, HTC HD2(with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango & Android ICS dual boot), iPhone 4S 32GB AT&T locked)... among all these Pre 3 is best from Price/features/ease of use/integration/battery life point of view...
    My WebOS Wealth:
    TouchPads :
    * AT&T32GB, 4S - UNLOCKED!!!! (total 5 of these, all with Android 4.4.4
    * Touchpad GO with WebOS (total 3 of these, trying to get android on these... but how?)
    Pre 3: Three of AT&T Pre 3s, One Verizon Pre 3
    Want to sell any of the above for a good price(Just want to keep one go if I get android on them)
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    2 Azerty GSM Pre 3 + 1 Qwerty GSM Pre 2 + 1 GSM Pre+
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    I had one AT&T Pre3 but got mugged several years ago. I got another one but I'm looking to sell it as it's turned off and stored in a drawer

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    One AT&T, one Verizon, one Hybrid (EU/US) one EU normal.
    I've sold one normal with Bluetooth Issues and my azerty Pre3.
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    I have 2 ATT unlocked ...the second being a replacement for the first which had aquired the keyboard repeat illness ...too bad ...the first one worked fine otherwise... I have a VEER ATT unlocked as a backup fone for when this one dies an untimely death which I anticipate with dread...
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    I run 3 Qwerty AT&T Pre 3 devices in Germany. Some previous Pre+ were broken or lost. Pre2 device still runs fine.
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    Loved my palm pixi plus so much I bought a used one off EBAY 2 weeks ago...but I am only getting 1 bar slip sim into a diff phone 3-4 bars..... I think I have a lemon ...very sad
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    I have bought 4 Pre-3s, 3 Veer and 1 Pre+.
    If this 4th Pre3 goes bad too (lately it's rebooting too often -about 3 time a week), I don't think I could go for another one...
    Did I mention I don't think twice when buying webOS smartphones?
    I hope webOS Internals could have a Open webOS port ready and completely functional, with ACL just to have some options.
    I salute each one in this tread.
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    Just bought a bnib Pre 3 (my 3rd, sold other 2) keep coming back to webOS, hell I even just started learning Jscript so I can try my hand at programming for it

    Would love to get my Pebble working with it


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