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    According to their blog, for each waiting customer who pre-ordered and no longer wants to pay full price, there will be one available.

    If you want one at full price, pre-order it now. It looks like there will be no more available (outside Carphone warehouse) after this last batch.

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    Do they ship to the US? I'm assuming no. Sorry if this has already been answered in a different thread. I've been trying to keep the different UK resellers straight, but there have been too many.
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    Please, can you post some link to site?

    Thanks in advanced...

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    Is it just me, or is there no Pre 3 for sale on their website? I'm guessing they took it off?
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    if you look on their blog, it says they are not going to get any more stock [and anything remaining will get a lovely 30 quid bump]:
    HP Pre 3 Price Drop News
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    They have updated their blog:

    "A meeting is scheduled with HP on Tuesday 6th September to finalise the Pre 3 situation. We hope to be able to release a full statement regarding pricing and credits by the end of play on the 6th. Thank you for your patience."

    Hoping to hear good news out of it.

    HP Pre 3 Price Drop News

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