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    I just tried my pre 3 with the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark and the Rightware Browsermark:

    Sunspider: 3950 ms (lower is better)
    iphone 4: 4608ms
    Motorola Droid 2: 7298ms

    Browsermark: 45.946 (more is better)
    iphone 4: 36.675
    Nexus One: 40.136
    Motorola Atrix 4g: 53.576

    For the other Phones see AnandTech - HP Veer 4G Review - Getting Us Excited for Pre 3

    That is really fast

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    yeah that is quick - i've not done any benchmarking on mine, but the browser is super smooth, and I'm surprised at how well it handles flash videos.

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