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    Hi folks,
    I just ordered a Pre 3 from UK supplier. The Pre 3 is out of stock, but they have one Pre 3 which they said has had box opened but is brand new unused. If you want it, please post below that you have claimed the Pre 3 (so I don't get swamped with PMs) & then PM me. If I get multiple PMs, I will respond to the person who posts here first.

    I could just buy this myself & make a good profit on eBay, but I'm not scum. I'd prefer a forum member to get it & to know that I helped one of you.

    So if you don't live in the UK, the Pre 3 is 269 plus shipping. If you live in the UK, you will be charged VAT I believe.

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    I am
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    Eric, Did you contact them? Let me know how it works out for you.
    Good luck.
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    How are you claiming the VAT back if you're buying it personally? Just curious as I have a Pre 3 for sale in the PreCentral Marketplace @ Palm Eurostore cost price and it would be good to know if I can save foreign members ~50.
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    I'm not really sure of the rules. All I know is that I ordered one for myself directly from Australia & I wasn't charged the VAT component. If you are buying from within the UK then I guess you would be charged it.
    I think our GST works the same in Australia.
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    For Australia,I think the value of the good you bought is lower than 1000AUD,there will be no GST.
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    If you can give me a cost I would be interested. I am waiting to hear back if my order was cancelled. I am in the U.S.
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    Not sure if the pre 3 is sold yet. I would like to take it off your hands tho
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    Yes, we don't pay GST when we import something under 1K. However, for the Pre 3, I also didn't have to pay VAT.

    The Pre 3 has been sold I think. It wasn't me selling it, but a supplier that had a return.
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    I'm fairly sure that if someone from the US bought the phone direct from the UK business they wouldn't pay VAT, however, as you're acting as an UK based intermediary effectively you're buying the phone as a UK consumer and therefore you will have to pay the VAT. (unless you're a registered business and can claim the VAT back?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jodihansen View Post
    Eric, Did you contact them? Let me know how it works out for you.
    Good luck.
    Now ordering accessories for this new phone. Thanks for the help.
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    That's great Eric, I'm glad that I could help. Mine is also on it's way from the same supplier. I only knew of it since he said that he had 2 cancellations or returns & I took the first one for myself.

    I have had a few PMs....please understand that the supplier has sold the unit & there are currently no more.

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