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    So I read up how to get preware but im a little confused, would anyone be so kind enough to help me, i tried to get webOS doctor but i cant find where i download it from. I tried the link directly from my webOS account but it doesnt seem to work! just says "please log in to download" but im already logged in.
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    First go to and download webOS Quick Install to your computer.

    Turn on Developer Mode on your TouchPad by typing in the "Just Type" line:

    Press the icon, turn the switch on and ignore any messages about passwords etc.

    Plug the USB into your TouchPad and into one of the rear USB ports on your PC.
    Make SURE that you select CLOSE not USB DRIVE when prompted.

    Run the program called:WebOSQuickInstall-4.2.3.jar

    You will see an icon that looks like a globe with a red and a blue arrow circling it, click it.

    Click on the Applications tab. Type in Preware in the Search box. Select it.

    You should go back to the main menu screen.

    Click install.


    Unplug your TouchPad.

    Look for an icon that is a penguin in a cardboard box. Press it. Update feeds, say Yes.

    Rockin' to Preware.
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    Same with your Pre 3 BTW
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