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    Hey Lads,

    has anyone of the Pre3 owners so far managed to get Grooveshark on their phone? It is no longer available in the App Catalogue, they only have a useless alternative there (Grovee or something like that). I searched the forum and tried the impostah method, but "" won't work... And ideas?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Maybe works, because it was for the Kindle-App?

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    try Grooveshark Mobile Music - it may allow you to download the app direct.
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    Unfortunately both methods won't function ... But thanks for the immediate replies! Any other ideas?

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    Has anyone made any progress with this one?

    Perhaps copying from a working device?

    Will ping grooveshark to see if they are doing an update....

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    Why is it gone from the app catalog =(. I just got my frankenpre2, and groove shark is nowhere to be found.
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    Was it ever updated for 2.0?
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    Grooveshark was pulled from the app catalogue.

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    Hm I can install Grooveshark from the catalog. It was updated in june. But it does not work.

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    I did managed to install GS 1.3.3 on my pre3.
    It works fine, except for the offline function... even the trick with the modification/deletion of the var/palm/data/jailusers file does not fix the problem
    anyone managed to get the offline function work ?
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    update GS 1.3.4
    works on pre3
    offline also works
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    Where did you get it? I only have 1.0.0 and it doesn't work.
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    Its on the (uk anyway) app catalog now.
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    its in the AppCatalog, atleast in Europe
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    Grooveshark has been pulled from Apples app store and the Android marketplace because of copywright issues. If it has been pulled from the app catalogue chances are it would be from the same issues.
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    Its back. I complained to Grooveshark, being a paid subscriber and got an email that they were checking with the developer. 24 hours later its back. However, it stops each song with exactly 30 seconds left to play for me. I have emailed grooveshark CS. They are slow to respond, but they do respond and usually in a positive manner.
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    Does anyone have the offline files working? I tried offlining some files, but after that I can't play them even if I'm online.
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    It showed up on my 3 since it was on my Pre... haven't ever played with it AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.

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