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    I drool with envy and sheer jealousy as I read the posts from across the pond.
    I, like so many of you, have been waiting and lusting for this phone for quite some time. I cannot even begin to imagine what the original Sprint early adopters are experiencing...
    I caved today, having missed out on the TP price drop craze and got one from a reseller for $260 bucks...only to open precentral this afternoon to learn HP is to build more! ***!?!?
    Anyway...I WANT A PRE 3 HERE IN THE US of A!!!!
    Who's with me and what can we do about it?!?!?
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    I would settle for promised/scheduled updates to the phones we have.
    When they said no Pre3, I immediately regretted not getting a Veer.
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    I don't know if you can call me an early adopter I picked up the Pre- on Sprint in Nov of '09, it finally (mostly) kicked the bucket early this year(have been using it as a clock on a touchstone in the meantime). I bought a full price Sanyo feature phone so I didn't have to extend my contract in the event Sprint didn't get the Pre3.

    I head my head/heart set on a Pre going back at least a year or so ago after seeing the Pre2 pass sprint by. Trying my best to get my hands on Pre3s now, signed up for AT&T on Sunday and got a Veer, only to have Fedex screw up the delivery and now AT&T has to send me another phone. Got a GSM Pre2 in today though no SIM to play with it until AT&T gets me the Veer. Pre2 just sits at a screen saying insert SIM card.

    As a sprint customer for the past 10 years I wish I could stay but I really got hooked on WebOS with the Pre- (and to a lesser extent the TP). The Simply Everything plan is really nice that I don't have to worry about going over any limits, is cost effective compared to AT&T. But I guess I gotta make sacrifices, at this point WebOS is worth more to me than the cheaper wireless coverage.

    I've paid for 5 Pre3s at this point, 2 of them were refunded( no stock), another 2 may or may not see the light of day(there is stock but HP so far not authorizing them to release it), and the last one I'm pretty certain I'll get. Each time I go to buy the Pre3 the cost goes up by ~$100 U.S. or so.

    The Pre- was my first personal smart phone (had had a couple blackberries issued at one company). And my first Palm-branded device (though I had a pair of Handspring visors 10 years ago, recently gave them to a friend).

    I can't put into words how I felt when I saw the news flash over CNBC that HP was discontinuing WebOS devices on the day of the announcement.

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    You and ten thousand of us in this forum
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    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    Somebody put me out of my misery
    The Original Owner of the AT&T Pre3

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