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    I just came to a realization that every ebay listing and amazon listing for a regular person I have been email to see if they would trade their pre 3 for my 32 gb touchpad. I just lost my job as a webos adviser for Hp so I can't really afford to buy one. Am I crazy or is everyone doing this?
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    You are crazy.

    In the UK, TouchPads go for 80 where as Pre3 go for 200 - 299.
    Pilot 5000 > Pre > Pre2 > Pre3 > Galaxy Nexus
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    Guess i will have to up my offer. You think someone will trade me for a touchpad and a xbox 360? I also have some good wine someone might like
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    lol. you are a true fan.
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    I purchased more than one Pre3 just to make sure I won't miss this phone (I already have a Veer and really enjoy it); so far, I just got a confirmation (I ordered this morning and received confirmation this afternoon) from that the phone has actually been shipped, so hopefully in a day or two I should get it. The other places haven't confirmed yet, so I don't know what is their status.
    Assuming the "French" Pre3 arrives, and if the other places confirm they have my orders ready to ship, I'll be interested to swap for a Touchpad (we'll discuss the logistics when relevant).
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    Good luck getting a Pre3. It's an amazing phone.

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