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    Has anyone heard if the 16GB Pre 3 is going to be released? I have only seen 8GB Pre 3 that are no longer, but were in stock.
    However, the 16GB Pre 3 was initially announced....and also I see it listed on and eBay as a pre-sale....but not as being guaranteed. The mobicity price is $699 more expensive than the 8GB model from the UK.

    Does anyone think that the 16GB will get released?
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    Gotta be honest, I don't think any 16gig versions exist?
    Unless anyone has ever seen one? I wonder how much storage the review units had? Or how much the units at the Think Beyond event had?

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    I really doubt they exist as production line product. Probably some preproduction mules. The review units were preprodction 8GB units

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