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    Isn't HP phones a dead and done deal?

    Should we still be hanging on for some big come back?

    After giving my upgrade away twice to my daughters I'm now
    eligible again in Dec.

    Anyone have any good recommendations for new phones I should look for?
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    They aren't really... Although I hope you will indulge our talking about the pre3 on the pre3 forums

    A week in, I love this phone, regardless if its a dead platform in the future.

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    I think people are talking about it because webOS faithful see this as possibly the last 'new' phone for quite sometime and know it will hold them over a lot longer than a pre plus.
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    While there's life there's hope. Or so I've been told....
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Why? Because it's a great phone which I will be happy to use for a couple of years, even in it's current state.
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    why.. because it should have been released a long time ago.

    The pre and Pre+ may have had their faults for people (i never had a single issue or complaint about my pre), the pre 2 is rock solid and awesome, she just needs a 2.2 update.. and the pre 3 was even better...

    People are talking about it because there has to be inventory laying around somewhere. These are unlocked devices, AT&T devices, and Rogers devices. That's what we know of so far. Also I think Verizon was supposed to get the pre 3 as well.
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    It's the only portrait slider with a 1+ GHz processor, front facing camera, integrated skype, webOS... etc. etc.

    Regardless of the future of webOS (or promised support) it's still a damn good phone...
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    when i gaze into my Pre3,this is what I hear:
    --SO nice to see
    u look mahvelous, really I mean that.

    and it's better to look good, than feel good, and you, you look mahvelous!
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    Because, you know, some people buy a phone to suit their needs, rather than as a fashion accessory.

    A big screen for internet browsing combined with a QWERTY keyboard and a user friendly, flexible OS, at a very reasonable price point compared to similar flagship models?

    Your mileage may vary, but for me, that's still a pretty unique selling point.
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    Because it's a great phone. I've had lots of comments from people this weekend which never happened with my Pre-. It will do me fine for a year or three.

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    The Pre3 is the best mobile phone on the market. That's why we're talking about it.

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    If I buy another phone, how do I know it won't be discontinued after a year?
    Pilot 5000 > Pre > Pre2 > Pre3 > Galaxy Nexus
    TouchPad > Galaxy Tab 8.9
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    I mean, why is anyone still even posting to this forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riyaah View Post
    I mean, why is anyone still even posting to this forum?
    What part of 'because it's a great phone' are you finding hard to understand, Riyaah?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Smith View Post
    What part of 'because it's a great phone' are you finding hard to understand, Riyaah?
    Sorry Michael, attempt at internet irony, I should have appended a smiley. The point was to highlight that the amount of forum traffic seems to indicate there's a lot of people who still find the Pre 3 worth talking about.

    DHL just called to deliver my AZERTY Pre 3, so I'm in the "great phone"-camp as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riyaah View Post
    I mean, why is anyone still even posting to this forum?
    They're nihilists. They believe in nothing.
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    Having one in my hand now i can say hands down it is the best webOS smartphone available by a mile (and the Pre2 wasn't bad either) and easily stands its ground against the competition. Well built, great screen and keyboard and webOS sings on it.
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    I bought a touchpad in the firesale & loved webOS so much that I ordered a Pre3. I currently have a Motorola Milestone & have been a fan of android from the start, but I'm really excited about getting my Pre3 (it should be delivered today!)

    Its got probably the best smartphone OS - a slick usable interface, a QWERTY keyboard, a great online community. I think it's going to be a great phone. I think webOS is far from dead.

    All this talk of porting android to the touchpad seems the wrong way round to me, I would want to be porting webOS onto other devices!
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    I had a play on my Dad's new HTC android phone a few days ago and the OS just feels kinda 'clunky'! Like having to open an app to show what others were running in the background, then 'kill' them all - reminds me of old Windows Mobile devices! Sure it had some good apps but there wasn't the "find anything within 3 steps" feeling Palm devices always maintained.

    That's why people bother with WebOS still, because it's one of the few OSs that brings usability to the forefront. Can't wait for my Pre 3 to arrive! (supposed to be today)
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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