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    Perhaps someone could adapt an old pre back cover to make contact with the battery, then we could simply place our (potential) spare battery on the touchstone!

    In fact, I'd love a little protective sleeve for a spare battery with the touchstone contacts built in, so I could safely carry the battery in my pocket, then place it on my touchstone without having to expose it at all
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    I bought one of those $60 Ebay batteries too- this one is official HP stock and works like a charm. I will hold off on the charger until someone makes one specifically for the Pre 3 battery- I got a universal one and it is useless- but it charges my camera batteries just fine.

    In the meantime I charge the first battery in the phone overnight, then take it to work, swap batteries, and charge the second one via USB to my PC- best I can do for now <sigh>

    But I love my Pre 3 and Touchpad- hope Meg Whitman is reading this!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post
    Thought it was better to drain all the way. Here's an article I referenced. I suppose if I can I'll swap batteries at 25%. Any less than that will take more batteries. I had many batteries for my other Pre phones and let them fully discharge and they held out but I'll try not letting these fully discharge since these are hard to get.
    Most well-built Li or Li-poly batteries wont allow themselves to be fully drained anyway; their logic board reports a certain threshold and the device no longer operates below that. In fact, a test of a 'drained' battery behind its circuitry will reveal a bit more juice on reserve. This is a protective mechanism to prevent the cells from falling deep into that danger zone. Extended periods in that zone - like in storage - will do damage as additional discharge will take place over time.

    [NiCad and NiMh, OTOH, are different and suffer right away from full discharges.]

    Could be why your other Pre batteries lasted close to their ~3-year shelf life.
    In spite of (questionable) protections though, constantly topping up your batteries are always advised.
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    is there any 2000mA battery for pre 3?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alejodan View Post
    any1 tried this?
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    i think this needs a biggeer back cover.
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