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    I have a Sprint Frankenpre2 and love it. I was wondering if any work was being done or if it would even be possible to make a frankenpre3 that would work on Sprint.

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    The answer is no, see some other threads
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    Yea sorry, we have been there done that. I can't be done. The only hope we have is that HP sells the Pre3's out of HP's website.
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    So even with a Verizon Pre3 (if it is ever sold) turning it into a Sprint Frankenpre3 is impossible? Sorry if this has already been posted. I read the forums every night and have never come across this.

    Sigh.... I might be forced to go iPhone5.... :'(
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    It's no. Stop asking. Only way is if Sprint carries it at this point which is not going to happen. No amount of hacking or modding can fix that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erasef301 View Post
    So even with a Verizon Pre3 (if it is ever sold) turning it into a Sprint Frankenpre3 is impossible?
    Someone would have to compare the VZW and Sprint Pre 3 com boards to see if they are compatible, no ?
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    Never say never....esp to the webOS internals crew
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    Not unless someone stumbles across a Pre3 Sprint comms board some how, oh and also gets hold of a CDMA Pre3?

    Its VERY unlikely right now.
    The only reason you can "sprintify" a Pre 2 is because the comms board is the same as the Pre-/+. The Pre 3 has different internals.

    This is like the 6th time this week I have seen this asked, can we get this information as a stickied post or something?

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    Thanks guys. This helps out a lot. I'll keep using my Frankenpre 2 as long as possible... But soon my touchpad may be my only webOS device.

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