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    Hi folks,

    Someone from this forum was very helpful to me with getting a Pre3 out of Europe to Canada, so now that my Touchpads are on the way direct from HP, I wanted to return the favour by making sure that they were available for anyone that wanted to pick one up even if you weren't in North America! I have four coming, one for me and three that I listed at $99.

    I tried to set it up so everyone would be able to see the auction regardless of where they were coming from, but don't know that it worked?

    Could someone have a look and let me know if this auction comes up in your searches where you are living?

    HP TouchPad 16GB - Canada / INTERNATIONAL Welcome! :-)

    There are three separate auctions, but I figure if one shows they all will?

    Thanks for the help!

    (and if it doesn't work, I'll go back and try again...)
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    Seems to work you have already 2 bids.

    But there's no shortage of TP auctions on eBay, if you want to return the favor offer the TPs here in the Marketplace for less than the current inflated eBay prices
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    Thanks for confirming you can see it! I could see people had placed bids, but I can't tell where they are from (they might have all been located in Canada).

    The big favour for me getting the Pre3 wasn't the price ( I paid dearly for it!), but was finding someone willing to take the effort and do the paperwork to send it out of Europe. I know most of the auctions I see here for Touchpads are Canada/US only.

    As for pricing?, I don't think these will go so high. HP Canada is now shipping all their orders and there are going to be a lot more on the market and hitting ebay.

    Thanks again!
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    I reckon it's probably cheaper for us Euros to but a Euro TP (there's plenty on ebay) - otherwise we'll get hit with import tax. The only reason for us to buy a US TP would be if the price+import tax was lower than the current ebay prices so I can't really see a return of favours here... however if you could ship a QwERTY Veer over that'd be a favour as all we can get are QWERTZ ones from Germany.
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    You started another thread, but I'll reply here.
    Touchpad on Ebay - Are they hard to buy in Europe?
    Nope, not at all. Just go to or .fr and search for Touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygewitter View Post
    You started another thread, but I'll reply here.

    Nope, not at all. Just go to or .fr and search for Touchpad.
    Cheaper just to buy it on the .com site from US.

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