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    Quote Originally Posted by c0052350 View Post
    right sanjay for the quidco cashback your friend needs to register on then search for carphonewarehouse through their deals page. They are listing 50 cashback if you go through their website and the cashback itself takes 3 months or so to come through (yet to purchase using a link on quidco but people seem to satisfied)
    once your friend has signed up to the contract all he/she needs to do is get in touch with Vodafone and ask to pay off the remainder of the contract they will probably ask why cuts service stuff I'd just tell them because I wanted the phone.
    Once the quidco cash-back comes through your friend can pass that to you or you could let him/her keep it for their help.
    That should be it.
    Thanks very much for the detailed directions. I have contacted my friend in UK and have asked him to place the order with Hopefully this time I will finally be able to get the Pre3, even if at a higher price than what I had hoped to get it for earlier. But under the circumstances, I would just be glad to get the phone. I have also informed my friend of the '' option and have left it to him to do handle the order as he chooses.
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    Presumably the one is locked to vodafone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miafey View Post
    Presumably the one is locked to vodafone?
    Nope, it is an unlocked GSM phone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
    Nope, it is an unlocked GSM phone!
    I still have 9 months to go with my Pre contract on O2....
    might go for a 12 month contract from mobiles as it's 6 month free...
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