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    Let's see what they are going to end up
  2. cgk
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    Gawd no - 60 tops.
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    No, I have been known to spend more than this on a phone in the past (I always buy sim free and get a sim only contract - works out cheaper overall) but I can't justify spending 300 on a phone that has no further support.

    Oh well
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    I'd be a buyer for 150-200
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    I already have - before all of the announcements. I'm currently in talks with HP (who won't talk to me) and Palm Euro Store over the price difference.
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    For a OS as uncertain as this, no. And because of the way HP have screwed us around, definately not!
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    The premium for QWERTY over AZERTY is quite interesting:

    300 GBP - 200 EUR - Google Search

    If the difference is easily patched, then all you have to live with is the incorrect symbols on your keyboard. And who looks at the keyboard while typing anyway?
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    100 or below and I'll get one. I was burnt by a purchase of the TouchPad. I really do want the Pre 3 as my contract with the Original Pre ends in September. It looks like I will not have a webos phone to go with my webOS tablet
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    If it was supported, definately. It it had free accessories, yes.

    Neither of the above... maybe. After the way they treated us all. HELL NO!

    Although, if a US patron is desperate, I will keep my order and ship haha
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    I was only a buyer at $100. Oh well, android here i come.
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    I expected 150€ incl. accessories. I would have gone as high as 199€. But 349€ is to much, I'm sorry. When Eurostore is calling me I will cancel my order and hope that the one who recieve the phone will have fun with it.
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    Keep in Mind that this is a forum for people who are pretty interested in WebOS and the Pre. If the numbers here aren't great, what does that mean for the average person who ordered?
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    I am an active member in a few international and local forums that are cellphone centric and except this one in all others WebOS is pretty much dead. All pm's that reached my inbox asked if I could get them a cheap WebOS phone. When I replied to them that the price will prob end up near the $200/150€ range most of them never replied. That's the reality. People are interested for cheap TouchPads and Pre 3.

    I personally enjoyed my time with a Pre 2 for a couple of months, I still think WebOS is brilliant, but it's not a premium device anymore - hardware spec wise and with a foggy future as far as software support. Cause, can anyone trust HP when they are releasing a product one day and dumping it the other morning? Or you have faith that their going to keep their promise and leave the WebOS dev team intact? I think that in a couple of months time, half a year at most, WebOS will pass into the history of mobile OSes along with PalmOS and Windows Mobile.

    Sad but true, if oyu ask me...
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    I really want a Pre3. The Pre3 was the first real next gen beyond my Pre.

    For my family, it would cost about $30 per person to switch to AT&T plus early termination. Everyone on Sprint can get at least at 10% discount.

    At the rumored $79 pounds I would have gotten the Pre3 just to finally have one. I would just use it WiFi and have fun with it.

    At $530+shipping it is not just an impulse buy.
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    To be honest, I wasn't intersted in purchasing the phone until I found out about the fire sale, simply because I can't afford an expensive smartphone. However, I'm impressed by webOS since Palm Pre, because of its great unique features. For such a great OS and pretty good hardware at a price bellow 100 pounds, it's worth it. But for a full price - no.
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    I would, but being in the US they won't take my order.

    I have about $2100 tied up on my CC for two different orders of Pre3s (2 each). Waiting for half of it to be credited back from, and the other waiting to hear from kick mobiles if they are going to get new units or not(last night they were pretty much certain they were). Also have an order out for a Pre2 which is about the same price as the Pre3. (it was pretty difficult to even find a place online that was selling the GSM Pre2 yesterday).

    I'd love discounted phones but at this point I just want the phones.

    I won't go near an Android, iOS or Windows phone for different personal reasons.

    A couple of weeks ago if you asked me the same question I probably would of said no, but since the demise of the platform the decision to try to do whatever it takes has been a remarkably easy one for me. WebOS 1.4.5 on my pre- worked fine for me I'd expect 2.1 or 2.2 to do just as well, even if they never see another major update.

    Like others, I really wished HP would of given the opportunity to the existing customer base exclusively before spamming it to the general public which is full of folks that want to just throw them on ebay at above full prices.
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    Looks like the polls' results do not reflect the real live situation, or they oversold more then 60% - from

    It is clear that many people are accepting their orders under these new conditions - which means we do not expect to be able to satisfy the full order backlog with our limited supply
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    Quote Originally Posted by grotevoet View Post
    Looks like the polls' results do not reflect the real live situation, or they oversold more then 60% - from
    They oversold cause they promised a price reduction. If the was such a demand prior to the firesale rumor, then they would have oversold on launch day. It's just a sales trick: "You know everyone and their mother wants one, so get yours and don't cancel "

    Let's see in how much time they 'll have to slash touchstone prices to get rid of stock
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