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    HP PreĀ³ series specifications - HP Home & Home Office products

    although you can't order.

    what's going on?!!?
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    They can show it at 1 penny, if they are not shipping any.
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    Just rang the number; the PBX has the message "if you are calling about the Pre 3 or Touchpad, please be aware that they are no longer available direct from HP"
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    The plot thickens...
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    just going to speak to them right now. on the phone.
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    Still waiting..... Come on hp answer the phone!

    Edit: Just got through, they dont know about the palm eurostore and the page will be removed.

    Got this from the hp customer rep on the phone.
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    HP UK better get their **** together. Are they really trying to look bad, or is it natural?

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    HPs website is an absolute mess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d3ac0n View Post
    HP UK better get their **** together. Are they really trying to look bad, or is it natural?

    That page will be removed shortly. Lady said that the price is wrong and that she doesn't really know what's going on.

    Which goes back to my theory that Palm Eurostore is being the main supplier.
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    What is the meaning of "SRP only "
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    'suggested Retail Price'

    - what might be complicating things is that it's a Bank Holiday weekend and many of the people who might be required to take action or do things might simply not available.
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    Suggested Retail Price, but reseller is free to pick a different one
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    Suggested retail price. I've been told via a reseller than DSG have bought the remaining Pre3 and TouchPad stock.

    Are there any GSM Veers? Wouldn't mind one of those.
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    What's DSG?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ofek View Post
    What's DSG?
    Dixons, Currys and PC World.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilt View Post
    Dixons, Currys and PC World.
    Thanks =]
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    Has anybody in the U.S. ordered the azerty one from expansys and gotten it or gotten confirmation that they will ship to the U.S.? The only option for shipping I can see is South America.
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    Palm Pre 3 - £10.50 per month on Voda from (Plus £30 Quidco)

    no data on the contract might be of use to UK residents.
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