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    For the very small number of pre 3 owners that also had a pre 2, is there a huge difference between both models. I m not sure if I should take the plunge and pay 400 dollars from cleverbox.
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    yes I want to know too. especially the screen, speed, heat, camera, keyboard. maybe can give some info about game from pre that can run on Pre 3, how is it displayed?
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    not played any games but the bigger screen makes the experience more enjoyable, no issues with heat at all, battery life roughly the same, can make it through the day with my usage, which is fairly light, with over 50% left just like my 2.

    Keyboard, keyboard, keyboard, I think is far superior to the 2's keyboard more clicky, just feels a lot more comfortable than the 2 and I don't have big hands.

    the phone feels thinner in the hand and not as top heavy as the 2 when typing, I would have thought it would feel heavier but it feels better balanced for me.

    I did a test of typing between the 2 before posting and that is my observations, hope that's helps

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    That's about it.

    Bigger keyboard, Bigger screen, less apps. For $400, it's up to you.

    Personally I think it's worth it, but try to get one cheaper than $400. Check in the Marketplace forum
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    I have both....


    No real difference


    Pre 3 Has a beautiful high res screen. You will notice a nicer screen.


    Pre 3 has much better physical hardware. No creaks, no loose items. Slider is 100% better than Pre 2. It does no wiggle left or right. Perfect


    Keyboard is a mixture between a slightly mushy pre 2 and a much clickier Pixi Plus. The keyboard is just as good as a Blackberry in my opinion and is very spacious.


    NIGHT AND DAY! The camera on the Pre 3 is without a doubt the fastest shutter on a cell phone. (ex. IPhone4,Atrix,Inspire,WP7)

    Pre 3 $400+

    Pre 2 $100-$200

    You decide.

    If I was going for a 2 year stint, and will run my phone into the ground, I would say Pre3. If you are going to play with webOS and in 6mo-1yr get an upgrade or get a new phone? Pre 2....

    Feel free to ask any other questions regarding these two devices.
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    Also noteworthy (at least for me): Pre 3 has a front cam and Skype integration, thus Skype video calling.
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    I've had both, and i think the Pre 3 is much, much better than the Pre 2 which i loved. Just feels like WebOS has finally got the hardware to match the best OS around... However, it is very annoying with the lack of apps. I have not felt that any apps were missing from WebOS earlier, but with the Pre 3 there are simply some apps seriously missing... But i dare to hope that the future for WebOS looks bright and that they will come
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    The speed of the Pre 3 is most certainly a lot faster than the Pre 2.

    The higher screen resolution, higher resolution camera, and better hardware make it a no-brainer.
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    some games don't launch at all (Need for Speed, Tetris, and Angry Birds) some run, but the resolution distorts the graphics, some textures don't load. The only games I've played that work fine on the Pre 3 are Radiant, and Paratrooper.
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    It is much better, however the apps need some work to work correctly with it.

    PDK (like 3d games) look a bit rubbish due to the higher resolution screen with lower resolution textures.
    SDK apps seem to be hit and miss, some work perfectly while others have a black bar at the bottom of the screen.

    It is definitely faster, I have had no card errors or slow down as of yet (5 days of using it).

    The batter life is better, but not by much.
    Flash in the web is quicker, but still not amazing.
    The camera is pretty great, Though I haven't used it a lot.

    This thing needs apps. That is it, as it always has been with WebOS. Everyone would be happier with these devices if they had apps.

    I have had every Pre phone (except the +) and have loved each one, but then the iphone 4 came out, so I bought that, then I got frustrated with the OS and bought a Pre2, then I lost that and bought a Samsung Galaxy S 2, then I saw the Pre3 for sale and bought that. I am currently switching between the 2. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a powerful and sleek phone with loads of (free, but ad supported) apps. It also has Spotify, kindle etc that the pre 3 does not.

    I want to use my pre3 as my only phone, but without Spotify (or a decent twitter app). I can't.
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    You can run spotify on pre 3. Search the forums for it and you will come across a 20 step but simple guide to install it using WOSQI.

    Installed on mine and works a treat. Same about the lack of SD Card option though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rashad1 View Post
    some games don't launch at all (Need for Speed, Tetris, and Angry Birds) some run, but the resolution distorts the graphics, some textures don't load. The only games I've played that work fine on the Pre 3 are Radiant, and Paratrooper.
    Actually I think most games work fine. You just need to delete them and reinstall them. That's how I got all the games I have to work, including Angry Birds. The problem, from what I read, is that for a lot of pdk games to work correctly on the Pre3 they need to have an extra metafile file. HP has added that file to a lot of the games that need it, but the phone restore process won't download it, so you need to do reinstall from the catalog.

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    I agree with what has been said above. I cannot comment much from an app perspective yet though since I am waiting on the credit to appear in my usunlocked account before I buy apps. (My Pre 2 was on the Australian app catalog, but Pre 3 is on US)....but in terms of hardware, the Pre 3 wins hands down.
    The keyboard is so good on it. It is bigger which makes it easier to hold as well as type. The edge around the keyboard is smoother and doesn't dig into my finders in the way that I hold it as I type. Also, the keys themselves press in easier and so it is less tiring on your hands and fingers. I have a Pre 2 and an iPhone 4....and the Pre 3 is the best device for typing.
    As for the screen....I love the size of the Pre 3 screen...but it could be because I also have an iPhone 4. The Pre 2 screen felt a bit small initially due to having an iPhone 4 first, but I did get use to it. However, I am happier to have the bigger screen on the Pre 3. It's crisp and clear.
    In terms of speed, I do notice a difference....the Pre 3 is fast.
    In relation to heating...I have put on a patch that notifies me if it gets too hot. That warning did go off on me today. I had the Pre 3 charging in the car and playing a video while I was stopped for lunch. It was a Pre 2 car charger. I notice that the Pre 3 charges very fast on it. Anyway, it got hot after 15 minutes or so of video while car charging, so I took it off the charger and turned it off. I didn't want to risk it overheating. When I finished my lunch, I then returned it to the car charger, but kept the screen off and it was fine. I am yet to find out if this is a once off occurrence since I have only had my Pre 3 since Wednesday.

    As a final thing to say....I am glad to have the 'beast' of webOS phones to make it last longer going forward since it is still unknown if there will be any more webOS phones made by other hardware manufacturers....and if there isn't going to be, then I wanted the webOS phone that I thought would last me the longest going forward and by that I mean that it wouldn't frustrate me by being slow and make me want to upgrade as quickly.
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    Oh, I forgot to add that when I pick up the Pre 2 after having used the Pre 3 for just a few days, I find that the slider doesn't slide as smoothly and that it feels thicker (even though it really isn't much thicker when you look at them) and it 'feels' older. The Pre 3 is just sleek and glides open really smoothly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimpz View Post
    SDK apps seem to be hit and miss, some work perfectly while others have a black bar at the bottom of the screen.
    The black bar is not really a bug. The Pre3's screen is taller than the older phones, so to make sure that SDK apps will look right, the Pre3 runs them in an area with the same aspect ratio as the older phones. Similar to why movies are letterboxed on TV.
    It's one line of code to turn off the black bar, and some apps have already done so.

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    I agree with most people here. Screen and keyboard are so much better. It can be a bit more tricky to use one handed as your thumb struggles to reach across. There's a bigger gap between the top row of the kb and the screen. This makes it much easier to type and the chin at the bottom is a lot shallower which helps too.

    while it is definately faster most of the time I have to say there's a certain bit of the Pre- about it when it starts to use swap memory. Apparently there is less availiable memory than the Pre2. Maybe it needs more reserving for the screen. Also i've had a few TMC errors. Nowhere near as bad as the Pre-, and i'm sure it will get fixed with either a OTA or kernel mod.

    The 8Gb storage will be very annoying to some. Especially as a lot of this is already taken by the OS.

    Despite all this, I love it and much prefer it to my Pre2. But for some I can see that the Pre2 might be a better option.
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    Note that the Pre 3 has only 5.5GB of accessible flash memory compared to 13.5GB on a Pre 2, and only 380MB of accessible RAM compared to the full 512MB on a Pre 2.

    So you're going to run out of RAM and flash much sooner on a Pre 3 than on a Pre 2.

    -- Rod
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    Rod, does webOS 2.2 on the Pre 3 handle memory differently than 2.x on the Pre 2 then? They both have 512MB or am I mistaken there?
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    The Pre 2 has a separate chip for the cellular functionality, which has it's own separate RAM chip. The Pre 3 (with a single chip which does both OS and cellular) steals RAM from the single RAM chip for the cellular function.

    -- Rod
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    I see, thanks for the clarification.

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